Our Story

Comfort & Style together define UNMADE

Modern silhouettes and organic materials, unique construction and infallible designs.

Keep it green

Our Motto on earth

soft & comfy




Modern, blissful indulgent and yet durable structured pieces that are clean and aesthetic increasing your blood flow at the same time. Helping you to remain active, alive and regenerate continuously.



Satish Arora born and brought up in a family merged and submerged by clothes & fabrics. The company birthed in a small town in India 5 decades ago in 1950 started by his late father Mr Raj Kumar Arora. As Satish was growing he realised the fire in him to grow and make big in the business required starting early. At 18 he first joined the existing family business garments and accessories thereby growing inventing and upgrading at every step. Further he went ahead and opened the office in the city which never sleeps, New York.

Started selling products to all the mid; upscale stores in United States. To name a few Macy’s, Nordstrom, Henry Bendel, Barneys, Saks 5th Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, etc., etc.

Come 2020 and his elder son Arjun Arora born with the same fire and enthusiasm joined him at age 18. Now with the young blood both started this essential women’s brand ‘UNMADE’ in our own country with the pure intentions to pay their honest and humble homage to the women of this world.

God Bless.